Matomo - Keep your data safe!


What is Matomo?

Matomo has been on everyone's lips for while now, but what is it? One could summarize it like this. It's the leading Open Source alternative to Google Analytics, that lets you take ownership of your data and keep your users integrity safe.

There are a lot of benefits of using Matomo over Google Analytics. The first and most important one is that you don't compromise your user integrity by selling your users data to big corporate's that can capitalize on user behavior by targeting them with ads.

Matomo also builds it's reports on the whole dataset, not just a sample of it, which gives you better accuracy in your analysis.

And then there's of course the legislation on Data Privacy, more known as GDPR. Many people think that GDPR is the only regulating legislation when it comes to Data privacy, but actually there's a lot of new legislation around the globe, which makes Matomo the ideal alternative for Data analysis considering the built in features and add-ons that anonymize your website visitors.

Aside from that, Matomo is a great tool that comes packed with a lot of extensions, both free and payed ones and there's a huge community around it. And the possibility to extend Matomo yourself.

Some features one might considering using Matomo for is the Heatmaps and Session Recordings, e.g. Sometimes quantitative data is not enough and you need to figure out why you have a high dropout rate at a certain part of your site. Use this together with Funnels and Marketing Campaign and you have a complete toolkit to gather highly advanced insights on your site and fix them accordingly, no more guessing.

Why work with us

We have a very long history of working with Matomo and built some really big installations, probably some of the largest installation in Europe, with 50M+ monthly page views. We've also built various plugins to Matomo and done lots of integrations to BI-tools and even the European commission. We have a broad network of Matomo specialist and we have been speakers at Matomocamp, two years in a row.

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